Thursday, May 31, 2007


Kansas Twister

Senator Sam Brownback is in the New York Times Op-Ed section today, in a piece entitled "What I Think About Evolution," applying enough spin to his denial of belief in evolution during the Republican Presidential debates early in May to make a Dervish envious.

The details of what he writes there (and it is mealy-mouthed enough for any two politicians extant today, as shown by Mark Hoofnagle at denialism blog) is not as important to me than the fact that he wrote it at all. The good news is that Brownback, and Huckabee before him, feel the need to spin it. It is especially heartening that, this long after the debate, Brownback was still feeing enough heat to backtrack in the New York Times.

I think that probably shows that creationism is a laughingstock among big Republican money-givers and that the Righteous Right is perceived by professional politicians to have less of a grip on the party than it once had.

Gee, Toto … maybe we aren't in Kansas anymore!
Via PZ Myers too.
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