Thursday, May 24, 2007


Lab Test


You scored as a Scientific Atheist:

Scientific Atheist




Militant Atheist


Apathetic Atheist


Spiritual Atheist


Angry Atheist




What kind of atheist are you?
created with

Your results may vary ... as John Wilkins' and PZ Myers' did.

Okay ... so I'm equal parts Militant Atheist, Apathetic Atheist and Spiritual Atheist (say what?), with a soupcon of Angry Atheist. All that on top of 42% Agnostic and 83% Scientific Atheist. Oh, and 8% Theist (wherever that came from).

I'm so confused! It's a good thing that there is two and a quarter of me to figure it out!

I scored 92% scientific atheist, and I'm not even an atheist.
My name is Bill Nelson and I am an Environmental Scientist in the Office of Inspector General of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Inspector General's office is the internal oversight and accountability office for EPA, and is independent from the rest of the Agency. We are issuing a report on EPA's Office of Research and Development Performance Measures and would like to use a particular photograph of chemistry on the cover of our report (with credit given to “Thoughts in a Haystack. . . good luck finding them.” for the photo). The photo I am referring to comes from your edition on Thursday, May 24, 2007. The link to the article in the www is:

I was able to save a copy of the photo from the website.

Please let me know if we can use this photo for our report. Otherwise, feel free to call me at 312-886-6611 if you have any questions.


Bill Nelson

William M. Nelson
Environmental Scientist
Office of the Inspector General, US EPA
77 W. Jackson Blvd
Chicago, IL 60604
I "stole" this image off the web, which I do basically because I make no money off this blog. I have no right to give you permission. I have no records or memory of where I got it. Sorry.
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