Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Maple Madness!

Tim Hotrton's drug supplier must be cutting the product again. There's this Canadian magazine called Only that I just ran across and, not only are they distinctly impolite to that nice Dr. Ken Ham and his fun and educational museum, they actually have words right out in the open that start with "f" and "v" and "d" and everything.

But the word I liked best was "Scientisticalness!" It seems so perfect to describe what Dr. Ham is sel ... er ... presenting to the good folks of America at a modest cost, "to install in them the truth of Intelligent Design over flimsy evolution theory, as only a theme park can."

Fortunately, while these rogue Canadians may have lost their decorum, they have not lost their sense of duty and have presented vital information for those who might want to visit Dr. Ham and his band of scientisticalitarians:

Please note, firearms and pets are not allowed inside, except for seeing-eye dogs and guns that only shoot bad people.
But the people of Only insist on practicing a most un-Canadian cynicism:

Given that the Bible is essentially an historical document, however, you'd think there would be some kind of record of them. Even in the Old Testament. Over the course of four thousand years of noting every minute event, every begetting, every expulsion and bar mitzvah, you would think the Jews might mention the gigantic, ground-shaking, tree devouring, shrieking and bellowing turkeylizards wandering all over the place. Just once.
How ... American!

Some of the creationists claim that behemoth, in the book of Job, was a dinosaur.
See! I told you it was an American trait!

But that was God who was saying that and only in one place when he was bragging! (You know he was always taking credit for everything!)

But where are T-rexs being ranked in cleanliness in Leviticus? And why a plague of frogs when it so easily could have been a plague of Tiktaaliks? Huh, Mr. Smarty Pants?
never thank!
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