Monday, May 21, 2007


Nobel Thoughts

The Discovery Institute make much of every surgeon or engineer who says something that is supportive of Intelligent Design Creationism. Well, here is another Nobel Prize recipient expressing an opinion in ID, Sir Harold Kroto of Britain, winner in Chemistry in 1996:

It is beyond belief that in the 21st century, our prime minister and the Department for Education and Skills are diverting taxpayers' money to faith-based groups intent on propagating culturally divisive dogma that is antagonistic to the secular, enlightened philosophy that created the modern world.

It is a scandal that the present system is enabling a car salesman to divert significant government funds to propagate dogma such as "intelligent design" in our schools.
Sir Harold has a lot more to say, none of it in the least stinting in its insistence on the value of science or in its disdain for those who would stand in its way.

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