Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Pitching Woo

Sometimes you just have to admire the sheer breadth of someone's vision, the audacity of their reach. Take, for instance, Jhershierra. Please.

It seems that Jhershierra is the Energizer Bunny of woo. She alleges in her book and web sites that she "has been visited by Jesus, Immortals, Ascended Masters, Extraterrestrials, and other Spiritual Beings." She is "a planetary channel for the Sacred Fire," (that cleanses and purifies a person's addictions and negative qualities and heals and realigns a person's mental, emotional, and physical bodies). The Sacred Fire permits her to perform healings, exorcisms, energy realignments and the all-important "Sacred Fire Activations." She teaches the secrets of the 7 Levels of Spiritual Evolution and how to achieve mastery and immortality. She has sidelines in organic gardening, alchemy, energy technology and the Tibetan Goji, the Sacred Berry of the Himalayas (organic, of course).

In her newly revised book (you knew she had a book, didn't you?) she proclaims:

Religion, The Afterlife, The Astral Worlds, Reincarnation, Heaven/Hell ... All of these were created from the illusion of death. These are lies based on fears and separation from oneness with The Divine. Rise up and claim mastery over your life and victory over the world. Let Freedom Ring, Roll the stone away, It's Independence Day!
Yeah, but could she load the virus into the mother ship's computers?
Yeah, but could she load the virus into the mother ship's computers? .

...only if they were dumb enough to use a Windoze platform.

Mind you, looking at Bill Gates and then those aliens...
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