Thursday, May 03, 2007


Unlucky 13

WingNut ... er ... WorldNetDaily is reporting on the upcoming comedy special ... um ... scheduled debate on the subject of the existence of God, on Ray Comfort, a supposed expert on Christian evangelism, says he can "prove the existence of the Almighty in his allotted 13 minutes – without mentioning the Bible or faith."

Um, Ray ... you sort of have to skip the "faith" bit if you are talking about "proof," you know ...

Anyway, Ray will be revealing in a mere 13 minutes what hundreds of millions of words written on the subject have managed to avoid, even after a couple of millenia of trying, come this Saturday, May 5th, live at 1 p.m. EST.

Boy! I hope the bananas can take the strain!

Atheists have odd rituals. I personally have one of my worst nightmares every morning!

You know...instead of the night? Okay, I'm goin' home...
You're supposed to contemplate the significance of the banana ... not smoke 'em!

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