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Religious Education

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin, in a study appearing in the June issue of the journal Social Forces, have found that U.S. college graduates are more likely to maintain religious beliefs and practices, to continue church attendance, to continue to say religion is important in their lives and to refrain from disassociating from religion than those who never attend college.

"Many people assume college is public enemy No. 1 for religion," Mark Regnerus, assistant professor of sociology, said. "But we found young adults who don't experience college are far more likely to turn away from religion."
The counterintuitive result may stem from a shift in attention and resources by many universities from liberal arts to professional programs, causing students to be increasingly sheltered from education in philosophical issues that might challenge their beliefs. Technocrats have neither the impetus nor desire to tackle thinking at large.

Or it could just be a reflection of a society where all the candidates of the major parties, liberal or conservative and every thing in between, are loudly proclaiming their religious beliefs.

Graduate student Jeremy Uecker, lead author of the study, said, "Religion and spirituality are becoming more accepted in higher education, both in intellectual circles and in campus life."
The things you can learn ...

A lot of things are "counterintuitive" - that's why we have to do research. If we could rely on intuition for all of our knowledge, we certainly wouldn't need science, now would we?

By the way, in all the articles I have seen, the authors characterize the results as surprising rather than counterintuitive. Maybe not too much different, but at least a little bit so.

I know the possibility that anyone could actually intelligently choose to be religious gives folks like you agita - as well as inducing some elitist tale-spinning - nevertheless, the facts are what they are.
I chose "counterintuitive" over "surprising" for those very reasons.

But speaking of "surprising," your intuitive counter must be on the fritz if you think I'd get agita over intelligent people choosing to be religious. That or you never bothered to read enough in this place to have a clue.

But who needs knowledge to do spinning, right?
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