Thursday, June 21, 2007


Uh Oh, Canada

Hey! We beat out somebody other than Turkey! The U.S. also beat out ... Ontario!

According to an Angus Reid poll of 1,088 adults conducted on June 12th and 13th, only 51 per cent of Onterioians ... Onteriotes ... Onterioists ... whatever ... believe that "human beings evolved from less advanced life forms over millions of years," while a whopping 53% of Americans do. I know one Onterionite who might be a tad displeased about this ... if you count partially chewed three-penny nails as "a tad."

Over all, however, we 'Merkins lose out to the 51st State by 59% to 53%. But they have nothing much to brag about:

Even those who say they believe in evolution may be confused about what that means exactly. The poll found 42 per cent of Canadians agree that dinosaurs and humans co-existed on earth - but evolutionary theory says non-avian dinosaurs died out about 60 million years before humans evolved in their current form.

"Wow. Oh boy," responded Pam Willoughby, an anthropology professor at the University of Alberta. "We're obviously not getting our message across."
Misery loves company.

Trouble is, I'd be tempted to answer "no", out of objections to the "less advanced" part. (Not that 49% of my fellow Ontarians are likely to appreciate such subtleties).
Ah! Onterians ... sounds vaguely sexual ...

Say, what's with Canada's coat of arms with the pissed off narwhale and the mad beaver?

As to the rest, I still claim to be more advanced than bacteria ... though it may not be all that obvious.
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