Saturday, June 30, 2007



In the ongoing saga of Cheri Yecke's grimly determined immolation of her own reputation, tragedy has struck ... videotape has been discovered!

To briefly recap, Cheri Yecke, who was once Minnesota's education commissioner and now is a leading candidate to be Florida's next education commissioner, apparently found the story by a local Minnesota newspaper about her prior support for Intelligent Design's "teach the controversy" doppelgänger, shall we say, inconvenient. She then hired some outfit called "ReputationDefender," to try to rid her of the bothersome quote by getting Wes to excise it from his website.

But now, the worst nightmare of the "truth is merely a political tactic" crowd has come to pass and there is Cheri, live (so to speak) for all the world to see, indeed humping the Santorum amendment as permitting local school boards to pretend that there is some sort of scientific debate about the adequacy of evolutionary theory to generally explain the biological world. Twenty-first Century technology makes it so hard to maintain early Nineteenth Century belief systems on the quiet!

Wes Elsberry, ever the gentleman, is treating this merely as a controversy over a question of fact and has refrained from the kind cheap gloating and name-calling that many would fall prey to.

Fortunately, Wes can count on bastards like me and PZ to take care of that end of it.

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