Sunday, July 29, 2007


And He's The Man Who Knows the Subject

That would be D. James Kennedy, beneficiary of the tithing of the folks of sufficient bad judgment as to attend Coral Ridge Ministries and a man who may have more in common with L. Ron Hubbard than just an initial initial, given that Kennedy is still (as of July 17, 2007) hospitalized after a massive heart attack last December 28th but nominally continues to pump out twaddle, not unlike how Hubbard's books kept appearing suspiciously long after his death.

And his subject this time: the Big Lie. Kennedy accuses evolution of being that, but he follows with such a blizzard of untruths that it is clear who is practicing what. Here, let me count the ways. Please check and see if I missed any.
The whole 'Darwin led to Hitler' contribution to Thomas Crapper's product has been much debunked. And as far as "rationales" (as opposed to the actual results of evolutionary theory) for racism go, the Origin holds not the smallest candle to the Bible. The rest is bald assertion and ignorance with nothing more to recommend it than its content of gall.

All this despite the recent forceful reminder of his mortality. Apparently Kennedy's God doesn't count lying against the faithful ... he hopes.

I actually partly agree with one of his statements:

Evolution "is at the root of most of the great ills that now afflict society."

Evolution is at the root of some of the ills that have always afflicted society. These ills include genetic diseases and our limited capacity to think rationally (and no, I don't think that thinking rationally all of the time is necessarily a good thing).

This is probably not what Kennedy had in mind, but anyways...
In that sense, of course, evolutiuon is also responsible for all drug-resistent bacterial and viral disease, pesticide-resistent insect pests, our tendency to form societies (with all the unfortunate in-group/out-group conflicts that come with them) and, when you think of it, Global Warming, since without evolution there'd be no humans to pollute!

But, since evolution has failed as science in Kennedy's version of reality-lite, we can safely say that he would blame none of those things on the results of evolution. God must've done it.
Kennedy's views on evolution are enormously popular among current ID creationists. They are often parroted in newsgroups.
Kennedy's views on evolution are enormously popular among current ID creationists.

Yes, they cross-pollinate. Kennedy had Behe and Richard Weikart from the Discovery Institute on his disingenuous "documentary," Darwin’s Deadly Legacy. However, Kennedy is a more conventional creationist who doesn't pussy-foot about any nameless "Designer", unlike the IDeologists.

But all Kennedy's blather goes back to people like Henry Morris and even William Bryan before that. I'm not even sure we could now locate the Ur-creationist.
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