Friday, August 31, 2007


Anybody Got Some Candles?

It seems that today is the Third Annual Blog Day.

No, I haven't any idea why either. But it appears harmless enough. Apparently we are supposed to:

... post a recommendation of 5 new blogs. This way, all blog readers will find themselves leaping around and discovering new, previously unknown blogs.
Never having been one to follow directions, I have only one recommendation at this point: Brian Switek's Laelaps, that I discovered (with PZ Myers' help, of course) within the past few weeks. (And no, it has nothing ... much ... to do with the fact that Brian recommended yours truly on Blog Day; I would have recommended Brian's exceptional work even if he thought I wasn't the obvious paragon that I am.)

Brian is an undergraduate at Rutgers University, studying ecology and evolution, who has been turning out these highly researched, well presented and, best of all, entertaining posts about science and the history and philosophy of science on the order of this one at an astounding rate. The words "highly recommended" barely cover it.

I may rummage around for some "Day After Blog Day" or "Day After the Day After Blog Day" recommendations and let you know of any good ones I find.

Thank you for your kind words John! I hardly think I'm doing anything particularly notable; writing all the new information I try to incorporate on my blog as I uncover it keeps it from spilling out of my brain (at some point I expect to be at the point where I am either going to start losing memories from childhood or not be able to retain any more information in there). Hopefully the upcoming semester will not overly hamper the quality of quantity of my writings, but I am glad that you enjoy my various forays into whatever I might find interesting on any given day. Keep up the excellent work of your own, as well!
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