Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Blame Canada!

The real Wedge Document didn't issue from Seattle, it came from Ottawa and goes under the deceitful guise of the "Charter of Rights and Freedoms"!

It seems that a breakaway group of Mormons has been practicing what the Bible says the Patriarchs practiced: polygamy! And the good people of Canada, too polite to use pitchforks and torches, have been trying to hound these Biblicans out of their midst with mere laws. Tragically, because the Federal government acquiesced in the court-ordered institution of gay marriage across most of the country, the aforesaid Charter of Rights and Freedoms was instantly transformed at a nonce into the Declaration of Licentiousness and Debauchery that will now permit multiple marriage partners. I'm sure you'll be able to follow the crystal-clear logic demonstrating this effect:

Some Canadian pro-family advocates suggest that the legal case against polygamy was fatally compromised when Canada’s Parliament legalized same-sex "marriage" in 2005.

"During the debate on same-sex 'marriage,' when Liberal Minister of Justice Irwin Cotler adamantly testified that polygamy would not be an issue, everyone knew very well that it would be," Canadian lawyer Gwen Landolt, national director of REAL Women of Canada, told Lifesite News Service Aug. 2.

"If you can break down the laws guarding heterosexual marriage between a man and a woman, then anything can happen," said Landolt. "If you can have a partner of the same sex, then logically you can have two or three of the opposite sex."
It's ... it's ... the Domino Effect!

[National Review Online Editor Stanley] Kurtz said that if the debate over polygamy in Canada were limited to the actions of the Bountiful community — or pressure from Canadian Muslims, whose religion formally allows men to have multiple wives — there would be little chance of its legalization. ...

Said Kurtz, "Canada's socially liberal legal elites are just using the 'gay marriage' movement, fundamentalist Mormons, and Muslim immigrants to get what they’re truly after: the slow-motion abolition of marriage."
You can bet yer last dime that if you follow the billions to be made in the abolition of marriage, it'll lead to all those money-grubbing liberal elites!

But Landolt [alright, no snickering in the back ... act your age!] shows the real depth of the danger:

"If polygamy is upheld in Canada, how long will it take to be upheld around the world?" she said. "As the same-sex 'marriage' has turned out to be, it’s an international problem."
There you have it! Canada ... the new trend setter!


Did you see my post on this topic from last week?

Legalized Polygamy Coming to Canada?

As I say in the post, I'm curious to see what the fundamentalist backlash will be? It'll be really hard to use the bible to back up their arguments. I suspect, as the article you quote demonstrates, that they'll just whine about how gay marriage ruined everything.
I did see it later and I agree there will be much whiplash in the Biblical set as they try to condemn polygamy while not condemning Abraham, Isaac and the rest.

At the intellectualizing end, you'll have people like Daniel Cere, a political science professor at McGill University who will say stuff like this:

Cere says the New Testament is full of implicit support for monogamy, such as Christ’s prohibition of divorce.

Said Cere, “Many things aren’t explicit in the New Testament because they did not need to be raised.”

Lord (sorry) knows that there was no polygamy in the mideast in Christ's time!

And Karl Rove wannabes like Kurtz will play off the Righteous Right's paranoia by claiming that only "fundamentalist Mormons" and [gasp] "Muslims" [Islamofascists Islamofascists Islamofascists!] want polygamy and, since nobody cares about those people's rights, allowing polygamy has to be a liberal conspiricy against God's own marriage rites!

The average Bibliolater will probably babble something about Christ fulfilling the law and just move on, certain that ever right-thinking person will share his horror at the thought of multiple partners.

But, mostly, they'll whine.
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