Sunday, August 12, 2007


In the Brood

Brian Switek at Laelaps has a long but very good post about the evolution of our concepts of human origins.

For reasons only his intimate friends will understand, John Wilkins focuses on the mention of petrified testicles. Personally, I was titillated by the image of God's fructifying brooding upon the waters of the deep, as reported by the author of The Old Testament vindicated from Modern Infidel Objections.

A sampling of the rest of the blog led me add Laelaps to my blog roll. I look forward to more articles of this quality (no pressure, Brian!).

Excuse me while I go polish up on my fructifying.

Thank you for the compliments and the addition John! I actually intend on updating the blog post as I learn more, and I've just added some images to it (with more on the way, to be added later tonight). My wife has told me that my compulsive book-buying problem has to eventually amount to something, so I figured pulling out all the books I had dealing with human evolution and constructing a review would be a good place to start. Anyway, thanks again, and Thoughts in a Haystack is now duly added to the Laelaps blogroll as well.
You may be heading towards a full-length blog book.

I have the same problem with book-buying but have yet to attempt anything more constructive than a lot of reading ... on which I am woefully behind.
Whatever happened to Josh Roseanu?

Hes going to NCSE, I know, but couldn't he get an academic appointment?

(Don't tell me all that blogging backfired on him like it has some of the other "science" bloggers!)

And what about his Ph.D.?

Reasonable Kansasns want to know.
Reasonable Kansasns want to know.

Heh! When one of them shows up, maybe I'll try to answer. In the meantime, ignoramuses who go around dropping irrelevant comments into random posts will just have to make do with the sound of the wind whistling between their ears.
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