Monday, August 20, 2007


Reservation Cancellation

PZ Myers has a post about Adnan Oktar, the Turkish creationist who goes by the nom de stupid of "Harun Yahya," applying to a Turkish court to have all Wordpress blogs blocked because some of them said mean (i.e. "true") things about him and his dishonest campaign against science. The court proved that Oktar wasn't the most venal person in Turkey by granting his application.

As PZ said:

It sure would be a shame if someone echoed all those urls, and these anti-creationist blogs got more publicity and attention because of a stunt by Adnan Oktar, now wouldn't it?
What's more:
Here's a way to get around the block — you can still read and post to Wordpress blogs in Turkey if you use OpenDNS. Spread the word.

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