Thursday, August 09, 2007


Spin Like Rumpelstiltskin

Woo (and I use the term advisedly) hoo! Over at the media complaints division of the Discovery Institute, Logan Gage is (sort of) disputing a characterization of ID by Richard Brookhiser in Time as "a stealth creationist theory." Exhibit 1 Gage presents is the fact that young-Earth creationists at Answers in Genesis don't like ID. Problem is, AiG doesn't like old-Earth Creationists like Hugh Ross either! Not being to the liking of one flavor of creationism doesn't mean you're not a creationist.

The second exhibit is even loopier:

Stealth ... like black helicopter stealth? ... I guess Brookhiser didn't get the memo about Discovery Institute becoming one of the most cited think tanks in the country, either.
Umm ... I've actually heard of the U.S. Air Force before, too ... it even advertises a tad ... but that doesn't mean it wants (at least certain) people to see the B-2 coming. ID was designed to be to Constitutional lawyers and judges what the B-2 is to opposing armies. The fact that ID crashed and burned before it could do what it was supposed to do wasn't from a lack of trying on the DI's part.

Lastly, that bit about the DI being "one of the most cited think tanks" is old and outdated news. Sure, when the phony school board hearings were going on in Kansas and in the run-up to Dover, the media frenzy around the trial and the aftermath of ID's Armageddon, the DI was being quoted in the media almost as a matter of course in every article on the subject. But FAIR is out with its newest survey and guess who ain't on the list.

It just goes to show that the DI can't help distorting everything it touches.

I guess Gage did not read the earlier drafts of "Of Pandas and People".
Yeah, but they were just "making do" with OP&P until they could come out with their own textbook on ID, Explore Evolution. Oh, wait a minute ... that doesn't mention ID, does it ... never mind!
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