Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Dinosaur Daze

Okay, here's a little more (actually a rather long article) about Ken Ham's Folly. There's nothing much new information-wise about this monument to misinformation except that there are some notable quotes:

I think it is an important cultural edifice. For me, as a scholar who doesn't believe like they do, it's interesting to see what they're visualizing. It captures visually what many people see in their mind when they read Genesis or when they read Ken Ham's materials. It recreates what they see and adds force to it. ... I think Ken Ham and Genesis are sincere when they raise social concerns.

- Edward J. Larson, professor of history and law at the University of Georgia, and 1998 Pulitzer Prize winner for "Summer for the Gods," about the Scopes Monkey Trial

I think what the people who made this museum want to happen is for scientists to complain about the museum make it appear as if they're complaining about religion. This is an institution designed to mis-educate children. That is precisely what is happening here. This is an example where a group is effectively misinforming and mis-educating children. This is nothing but an institutionalized lie and a scientific fraud. My concern is whenever people complain about science is that we already do a poor job of teaching science in this country. The last thing we can afford is to make it worse.

In order to argue earth and life are 6,000 years old, you have to deny essentially what we know about chemistry, physics, geology, biology, astronomy, the basis of all modern technology.

I gave it a four for technology, five for propaganda and a minus-five for content.

- Lawrence Krauss, professor of physics and astronomy at Case Western Reserve University
But my very favorite of all:

The dinosaurs? They're eye candy for kids. A lot of kids get into science because of dinosaurs. I did. For me it was Frito Corn Chips. Seven years old and little dinosaurs were in Frito's. I asked my mom what was that, and she said, 'A dinosaur.' So they're using dinosaurs as an eye candy.

At the risk of sounding really mean, it's almost like intellectual molestation.

- Gene Kritsky, evolutionary biologist, professor at the College of Mount St. Joseph and adjunct curator at the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History
That doesn't sound mean to me ... just painfully honest.

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