Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Fear of Flying

Nepal doesn't have a large national air carrier. Nepal Airlines has only ten planes and only two of those, both 757s, are capable of making foreign flights. The airline has been having problems:

The carrier was forced to suspend international flights for around 10 days in August as both the aircraft it uses for foreign flights were grounded due to technical problems. ...

One of Nepal Airlines' two 757s is in Brunei for an overhaul and the other is in Kathmandu and supposedly operational – albeit with technical problems that have forced two recent take-offs to be aborted.
So, what would any modern high-tech ground crew that was up against it do?

That's right! ... Sacrifice goats!

Nepal Airline Corporation officials worshipped the aircraft by sacrificing two goats to avoid technical glitches while flying," an airline spokesman, Raju Bahadur K.C., said yesterday.

"The goats were offered to appease Akash Bhairab, the Hindu god of sky protection, whose symbol is printed on all of our aircraft," he explained.
I'll spare you the gory details about how the dirty deed was done.

But the airline said that after the goat sacrifice, the aircraft successfully managed a flight to Hong Kong.
Let's see ... I'll be taking my next flight on Nepal Airlines right about the time Brahma calls it a day.

Hey! It works for SCSI disks...
Hah! That's an urban legend! I've never known a computer geek who has lived in a place big enough to get a goat in. The most that they could have sacrificed are chickens and small pets!
from home.xnet.com /~raven/Sysadmin/ASR.Songs.html

'Twas on a Wednesday morning the SCSI priest arrived,
With cabling, two goats and her bloody aaaaaaltar knife.
Two sacrifices later the disks began to spin,
The luser waited 20 hours, then he called us up ag'in.
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