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Both Wes Elsberry and PZ Myers have also noticed John ("call me Angus and I'll have a cow") Campbell's campaign for a local school board in rural Washington state.

Wes expertly (as befits his recently ended tenure at the National Center for Science Education) dissects Campbell's stealth version of "teach the weaknesses of Dawinism" as the same ol' scientific creationism, nee creation science, nee natural theology that is still clearly outlawed in public school science classes under the U.S. Constitution according to Edwards v. Aguillard.

But the knock-down line belongs to PZ. After noting Campbell's friendly and charming demeanor and his affectation of flattery towards opponents, even calling Darwin a master of rhetoric and logic, all the while arguing that all the old arguments that Darwin defeated should still be taught as if viable, PZ delivers the death-blow:

My impression [of Campbell] is of profound dishonesty and untrustworthiness, that he's a kind of Wormtongue of the creationist movement.
Glamdring couldn't have done a better job of cutting someone down to size.

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