Friday, October 12, 2007


Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts, No Thoughts

Theology professor William Dinges of the Catholic University of America:

[Intelligent design is] a backdoor antievolution initiative, an attempt to turn science on itself and, paradoxically, reject its hegemonic influence. It's an affirmation of the efficacy of biblical literalism, an attempt to make Genesis scientifically respectable, the latest twist in the (pseudo)saga of 'science vs. religion.'
Jerald McClenahan, a science instructor at Berean Academy -- a nondenominational Christian school in Elbing, Kansas, when asked if there were dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden:

Oh, yes! Everyone loves the dinosaurs, don't they? How do I know? Because the Scriptures talked about the deluge of Noah, and before that the dinosaurs were around. They must have died off or drowned. That makes them antediluvian -- before the flood.
An anonymous cab driver from Wichita, Kansas:

As the Bible says, 'Every man beith a liar, and only the word of God is true.' Everyone knows science only confirms God's great creations. Even Darwin repented before he died.. Well, that's what I hear . . . not sure if it's true or not. You might want to look that one up.
As quoted in the Discover article "Creationism battles for the hearts and minds of America's teachers" by Liza Lentini, which is fascinating, if frightening and depressing, reading.


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