Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Hellfire and Boiling Marinara Sauce

Heathens are at work at Michigan Tech:

Two individuals are currently undergoing disciplinary procedures through the Dean of Students Office after an investigation by MTU Public Safety determined that they posted a threatening message on the door of the President and Vice President of a recently-formed student organization called the Pastafarian Club.
It seems that the infidels even abused Wikipedia to commit their heresy:

The remarks were first published on a Wikipedia article on 12:32 a.m. on Oct. 1, and a minor correction was made to the page one minute later. The two individuals then printed the page, highlighted the remarks in question and posted the printed page on the residence hall room door of the President and Vice President of the club (who are roommates).

The remarks read, in part, "it has been proven that throughout all of history every pastafarian has been gay." They go on to say, "many believe they should be shot and hanged from the tallest redwood and then thrown to the raging sea." The rest of the message contains several other sexual-orientation slurs and an obscenity.
According to the vice president of the Pastafarian Club, Steven Wheeler:

You need to be tolerant of people's beliefs and their ways of life.
Matt Halberstad, the president of the Pastafarianism Club, added:

We, as Pastafarians, are definitely about free speech, but there was definitely a line crossed.
Indeed! These miscreants will doubtless find out just what that line is when they come face-to-face with their FSM. For he is a jealous ... if tasty ... God.

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