Thursday, October 04, 2007


Medium Rare

All right! A news outlet that doesn't mince words over Intelligent Design Creationism! And it comes from the deepest of the deep south!

The Advocate newspaper and WBRZ television in Baton Rouge, Louisiana have an opinion piece on their joint website commenting on the pandering by Republican gubernatorial candidate, Bobby Jindal, to the creationist crowd. This is all the more disheartening because Jindal has, or so he claims, a degree in biology. The editorial is in no mood to take prisoners:

[Jindal] said that local school boards should deal with such questions, although he said he favors teaching children about the limits of what is known by science.

This is the game plan of promoters of "intelligent design." If something, anything, is not explicitly proved, proclaim that complexity as proof of divine intervention. That's faith, not science — but in neither theology nor science should such shabby reasoning be accepted.

There's nothing wrong with faith being a motivator and providing an ethical framework for actions by elected officials. It is the wisdom and fairness of the actions that count, however well-motivated a person might believe himself to be.

Intelligent design is a fraud.

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