Monday, October 29, 2007


Steel Cage Death Match of Woo!

Ladies and Gentlemen ...

In the Red corner, we have Pat "Cosmic Consciousness" Holliday, the Bewitchment Battler!

And in the Blue corner was have the mysterious masked Deceiving Spirit!

It's a grudge match folks! Holliday threw the first punch at the pre-fight press conference, claiming the Spirit is trying to ensnare good Christians into witchcraft. Right at the beginning of the weigh-in, Holliday began screaming at the crowd:

People are docilely being seduced by the latest Christian stars and spiritual fads. Many churches today are full of silent, gentlemanly diplomats, not wanting to make waves! Nobody wants trouble and so they go unchallenged and the church has more than enough of smiling, silent mousy Christian leaders! ...

Today there is a special onslaught of (Chaotic) deceiving spirits has been unleashed, the fulfilment of the prophecy expressed through the Apostle Paul, that this would take place in the "later times."
Holliday then called the Spirit one of the "religious mystics, philosophers, writers, and artists who have left the foundations of the Word of God" and are peddling "a notion [of] the evolution of humans who will take a quantum leap into their god hood ... by using powers of witchcraft through the mediums of astrology, reincarnation, higher planes of being, expanded consciousness, we all are God, pantheism, UFOs."

Holliday promised to crush the Spirit. The Spirit has kept quiet, saying only that that "the body count at the end is all that matters!"

Let's get ready to RUUUMMMBLE!

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