Monday, November 05, 2007


Bigfoot Moons Scientists

Right near where scientists tried to pull the wool over the eyes of every God-fearin' American, Bigfoot has chosen to show up those smarty-pants by showing his face ... er ... so to speak ... to an adoring public!

Not all them pointy-headed college sorts is unable to see the forest creature for the trees! There's this fellow at the University of California, Adam Wenger, who gets it:

Skeptics, meanwhile, say the photo is merely a bear suffering from a serious case of mange.

But to me, that just screams, “Cop out.” First of all, lets look at who these skeptics are: biologists. These are the same people who try to tell me that the earth is round, and that we all evolved from a big explosion. Right. While biologists should be the ones leading the search for Bigfoot, instead they’re scaring him away, keeping him pent up in the depths of the forestry, sad, lonely and beleaguered.

Now tell me this. When was the last time a biologist looked past books, pie charts and DNA samples? If biologists would take off their safety goggles and open up their eyes to the real world, they would see the idea of Bigfoot isn’t that far fetched. They would also realize that when former Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter claimed to have seen UFOs, they weren’t just senile old men.

... Laugh at me all you will, but whoever said humans know what the hell is going on in this world anyway?
That is as sensible a viewpoint as we usually get here in the U.S.!

P.S. I hope that nice young man's skin condition clears up soon!

this adam wenger guy is a genius
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