Monday, November 12, 2007


Crystal Gazing

I asked a few days ago if the Discovery Institute had the capacity to surprise anyone any more or are they merely gnawing at the ends of arguments we have all heard before in a tired parade of evasions, misrepresentation and outright lies?

The answer is in and it's a resounding "No!"

Apparently unable to make any splash in the national media anymore, the best the DI can manage is the Christian Post quoting from some small newspaper chain's story about the DI claims that "a teacher's guide issued by the Public Broadcasting System in conjunction with a program on the 2005 Dover intelligent design trial is 'likely unconstitutional'."

They are encouraging teachers to do things like have discussion questions such as – 'Can you accept evolution and still believe in religion? Answer: Yes. The common view that evolution is inherently anti-religious is simply false.'
This was exactly what I said they would claim. They're as predictable as sunrise.

I should give them a bit of credit, however. They managed a touch of snark that is usually lacking in their attempted bludgeonings. The DI's spokesman, Rob Crowther, reportedly said:

Far be it from us to accuse PBS of kind of being agenda-driven, or having an anti-intelligent design bend, but it is interesting that this is the tact they've taken and now there they are injecting religion right into the classroom.
Yeah! Where does PBS get off trying to muscle in on the DI's game?

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