Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hammy Burglar

Hey, kids! Remember when Wild Bill Dembski got caught plagiarizing a video belonging to Harvard? Sure you do!

Well, Mr. Fart-Sound-Effects has now apologized in his own inimitable style ... by denying he did anything wrong except letting his dog eat his homework. If you have the stomach, read the whole sorry tap dance at Uncommon Dissonance.

Read the non-honesty-challenged account at ERV.

And these are the people who claim they will lead us out of the moral wilderness that is "materialistic science."
Update: Dembski's off the hook! He's not dishonest enough to actually monkey around with a video he had no right to use, he's just dishonest enough to take advantage of someone else's monkeying around with a video neither of them had a right to use! As ERV points out, we should always apply Hanlon's razor. Of course, when it comes to hypocrisy, other rules apply.

So one could form an opinion that it is not "Long John Dembski", pirater of videos, but "Fagin" Dembski, purveyor of stolen loot.

Hardly something to be proud of (if it were true...)
Hardly something to be proud of ...

A fact he seems acutely aware of, since even his loyal band of highly culled syncophants apparently can't be trusted to comment on the announcement.
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