Friday, November 02, 2007


Losing It

I just stumbled across a nice little resource.

The local paper in Lembec, California, The Mountain Enterprise, has put up a page with links to all its stories about the attempt back in 2005-2006 by a local teacher (and minister's wife) to teach an elective course on "Intelligent Design," in the public high school, that managed to meander into young-Earth creationism somehow. The course also advertised that Francis "Krich" (later confirmed to have been referring to Francis Crick) would be a guest lecturer ... a good trick, since Crick was dead for something like two years at that point.

The case ended when the school board settled with Americans United for Separation of Church and State to cut the course short and promise never ever to do it again. It was a minor skirmish in the creationist war against science but was instructive in demonstrating the real agenda behind the likes of that teacher despite the lip-service to "design" theory and it was particularly amusing for the Discovery Institute's reaction to the mess, about which I noted at the time "chickens have had calmer reactions to having their heads cut off."

Ah, the oldies but goodies ...

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