Monday, November 19, 2007


Polemic Balance

The Discovery Institute has announced the long-anticipated arrival of the sequel to Of Pandas and People, the ID "textbook" that crashed and burned in Dover. With his accustomed bravado ... as always ... greatly outweighing any substance, Casey Luskin laments the demolition of Pandas by claiming:

... the judge largely ignored the published text of Pandas, instead scrutinizing long-forgotten pre-publication drafts, alleging constitutional defects in pages that no student had ever read.
Of course, the reason that students never saw those pre-publication drafts was because they had to be changed after the Supreme Court had found such attempts to sneak religion into taxpayer-funded public school science classes to be unconstitutional. Only someone utterly dishonest ... or utterly stupid ... would think that merely substituting "intelligent design" for "creator" constitutes a cure for a violation of the Establishment clause. In turn, it is that attack on our laws and our children's educations that prompted the reaction against Pandas, not any "scare" felt by "Darwinists." Undoubtedly, the same considerations are going to govern the reaction to this newest assault on science, The Design of Life, if the past unethical behavior of authors William Dembski and Jonathan Wells holds true to form in this offering.

But the amusement in this study in untruth in advertising by Luskin is this jaw-dropper:

Design of Life is unafraid to confront the sensitive topics. "Supernatural explanations invoke miracles and therefore are not properly part of science," write Dembski and Wells, further explaining that "[e]xplanations that call on intelligent causes require no miracles but cannot be reduced to materialistic explanations."
Look, we know you guys have to talk out of both sides of your mouths if you have any hope of getting this palaver into the public schools, but just what non-miraculous and non-materialistic explanations are there?

And, while you're at it, just how many ID creationists can dance on the head of a pin?

I would love to compare the drafts of this one from before and after the Dover trial! :-)

Thanks for keeping us informed about the latest from the cdesign proponentsists...
I would love to compare the drafts of this one from before and after the Dover trial! :-)

Something tells me that all paper copies have been burned. But I wonder if they can do a better job of erasing hard drives than, say, Oliver North & Co.
The DI has recently complained about the "unconsitutionality" of the PBS information for teachers.

Isn't this quotation that you cite just as "unconstitutional"?
Isn't this quotation that you cite just as "unconstitutional"?

I think the difference, as they see it, is that in one case they are lying about science and in the other PBS is telling the truth about them. You can imagine which one they think should not be allowed.
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