Thursday, November 01, 2007


Sola Scriptura

Oh, and speaking of Professor McGrath:

Genesis Rewritten

In the beginning, God spoke
but there were no ears to hear
nor was there an atmosphere to carry the sound.
God said, "let there be light"
but there was no eye to behold its brightness
or to discern and distinguish its rainbow colors.

Billions of years passed,
and now there were people who could see, hear and create,
and so they imagined God doing all those things.
Some saw the moon, that it was beautiful,
and the sun, that it was inexplicably bright,
and worshipped them.
Later some rolled the forces of nature all into one
and worshipped the one God they perceived behind them all.
They fought with one another, and fought, and fought some more.

Then some separated the light from the darkness;
They saw the light, that it was good,
and chose light over darkness.
Eventually they left the darkness behind.

Several trillion years later,
their descendants understood
that God is nothing like anything their ancestors imagined
or could have imagined.
God was and is so much more...

........... James F. McGrath
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