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Wes Elsberry at Austringer has an excellent discussion of an Iowa Citizens for Science (presided over by Dr. Tara Smith of Aetiology) press release and the attempt by ID advocates in the Guillermo Gonzalez case to further blur the line between religion and science (as exemplified most recently by Casey Luskin) so they can claim "bias and prejudice," despite still claiming ID is science. Go read both Wes' post and the press release but, for me, the "take home" message belongs to Dr. Gregory Tinkler, of Iowa Citizens for Science:

Being a religious scientist is perfectly normal and acceptable, but scientists are supposed to be able to separate science from non-science, and good research from bad. Academic freedom protects a scientist's ability to do science, not to pass off a political or religious crusade as science.
Well said!

Dr. Tinkler stated the position perfectly. Kudos to him.
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