Saturday, December 08, 2007


A Newer Testament

Wilkins 1:6

Do you think so little of Me that you think I'd like coercion of faith, or that I must align with the powers that be (apart from Myself, that is)? I let you guys evolve into thinking beings that could make your own choices. I want you to make those choices. Secular society is the best invention you have yet developed. I'd hate to see that fall by the wayside because of populism and demagoguery.
We shall hatch the Pentateuch and slip him in neatly between Numbers and Deuteronomy!

Actually, just insert me as a codicil to Job, OK?
There was a man in the land of Oz,
whose name was Wilkins;
and that man was not perfect but was upright,
when there was not beer,
and he was indifferent before God,
and eschewed evil when it was not too inconvenient.
Were you really intending to compare the inestimable Wilkins to Matthew Harrison Brady?

Suppose that a lesser human being -- suppose a Cates or a Darwin had the audacity to think that God might whisper to him? That an un-Brady thought might still be holy. Must a man go to prison because he differs with a self-appointed prophet?! Extend the Testaments! Let us have a book of Brady! We shall hex the Pentateuch and slip him in neatly between Numbers and Deuteronomy!
The scriptures, like every other compilation, is uneven. Wilkins would compare to the Song of Solomon, while Brady would be like Leviticus.
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