Thursday, December 20, 2007


Not Choosers

Uh, oh! Is there trouble in Seattle? Has Howard Ahmanson Jr. got tired of throwing his money down a [cough] rat-hole?

For the first time in my memory (which is admittedly swiss-cheese-ish) the Discovery Institute is making an appeal for donations to the general public on its Kvetch & Release blog. And one day shy of the second anniversary of the decision in Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District! Coincidence or Kismet?

It's almost sad:

[O]ur budget is dwarfed many times over by our opponents. Just one small biology department at a mid-size college has an annual budget several times larger than the CSC's.
But, hey! They're actually teaching people. Do you think that comes as cheap as sitting around trying to think up ways to get people not to educate themselves?

Think about how many such departments there are, not to mention the huge biological science establishment at major research universities – most of which are dominated by very dogmatic, intolerant Darwinists.
In other words, it costs more to do science than it does to do pseudoscience. I can see that. And biologists as the Evil Empire is a bit risible, dontcha think?

Here's a thought ... how about you guys go out and get a job preaching your faith openly and honestly? I'd have a lot more respect for you then.

P.S. Ed Brayton has an amusing take on this over at Dispatches From the Culture Wars, focusing on the ridiculousness of accusing "Darwinists" of paranoia while going off on a whine about how oppressed IDeologists are. My favorite line:

At the very least, there should be a Pulitzer Prize for the Diary of Casey Luskin, where he recounts how he and his family had to hide from the Darwinian SS in a secret room in Douglas Axe's lab in Seattle.

They could ask the Templeton Foundation for money. (

...Oh, wait...they would have to do research then.
Cue Maynard G. Krebs!
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