Wednesday, December 19, 2007


School Daze

Kristen Maguire, a County Republican Party official and cofounder of South Carolina Parents Involved in Education, a group that advocates taxpayer-supported vouchers for private school tuition, school choice, and an intelligent design curriculum, has been a member of the South Carolina Board of Education since 2000. She has now been voted chairperson-elect of the Board. The real kicker: Maguire home-schools her four daughters.

When asked by The State about the incongruity between her choice for her children's education and her service on the state public school board, she sniffed, "That's pretty much off the record. That's out of bounds."

Uh, I'm gonna have to agree with S.C. Democratic Party chair Carol Fowler who issued a statement saying, "Having Kristen Maguire chair the state Board of Education is akin to Dick Cheney teaching a gun safety course ... What does a woman who home-schools her four children know about South Carolina public schools?"
Can you give an entire state an "F"?

And the South wonders why the rest of the nation snickers at them!
It's seems that it's not so rare for school board members to home school their kids--a great example is Heather Geesey, who thought teaching intelligent Design Creationism in science class was a swell way to bring religion back into the Dover, Pennsylvania school. She had a remarkably moronic comment before leaving her board position, in which she mentioned her home schooling.
Now that you mention it, I do remember that. Just goes to show that anyone can get elected to office in America!
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