Friday, December 21, 2007


Southern Fried

This is disheartening. Florida's new education commissioner, Eric J. Smith, was a science teacher by training. And, yet, he's saying this about the proposed science standards:

Do you believe evolution should be taught in the science curriculum?

This decision will ultimately be made by the state Board of Education. The public input period for the Web concluded on Friday and we have two public hearings set to take place in January. I'm going to reserve my opinions on the matter until all of that input has been received and I have had a chance to review it.

Does the state need to include other "alternatives" such as creation or intelligent design and let the students decide for themselves?

Again, I'm going to reserve my opinions on the matter until I am able to review public input and listen to what is said during the public hearings.
It is perhaps understandable that he might not want to waive a red flag in front of the already building opposition but how can the Board of Education stand up to the political pressure if the commissioner isn't willing to state forthrightly that evolution needs to be taught and that there are no scientific "alternatives"?

The children of the state are not being well served.

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