Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Teh Stoopid, It Berns, It Berns!

I don't know if I can even comment on this one:

A concerned parent questioned Pymatuning Valley [Ohio] Local School officials at Monday's meeting, as to how they are teaching the science curriculum regarding the theory of creationism.

The parent, a Frank Piper, whose daughter is a PV Middle School fifth-grader, is concerned because the district is teaching the "big bang theory" of the creation of the universe and not presenting students with alternatives to Darwin's theory of evolution. ...

Piper said his daughter is a straight A student and failed her test on the "big bang theory" because she didn't understand it.

"We're Christians," he said. "I couldn't even help her because I don't understand it."

Board of Education President Brad Lane said he was under the impression the district was teaching both sides of the issue, but PV Middle School Principal Andrew Kuthy said that is not the case. ...

Superintendent Jake Rose said the district would look into whether it could teach both views as part of the curriculum. Rose said he was going to do some research on the issue and speak with the district's science consultant as to where the state stands on the issue.

"The big-bang theory has been around forever, but (the parent is) right; it's just a theory," Rose said.

This is so pathetic. Is this parent admitting that he is so stupid that he can't scan a fifth-grade textbook and figure out its explanation of the "Big Bang" theory? I'm surprised he can help his daughter with any of her homework at all!

As for the superintendent's "it's just a theory," line, perhaps all education majors should be required to take a philosophy of science course. Good grief! This guy has at least a master's degree and very likely a doctorate. How can he comprehend, yet alone apply, scientific studies pertinent to his profession if he knows so little about scientific processes and terminology?

Stoopid is too mild a term for these people.
I could have given the superintendent the benefit of the doubt and figure that he was just blowing off the crazie by saying he "would look into whether it could teach both views as part of the curriculum." It might be less than fully honest but it would be understandable.

But if that was what he was doing, to perpetuate the "it's just a theory" bull is unconscionable. So, either way, "stoopid" is just a start ...
It DOES burn.

Anyway, on a happier note, I thought I'd pay back all of your kind references and tags with a tag of my own. I'm sure I'm about the last one to do it - so maybe you've already done it and I missed it? If so, I apologize...
I thought I'd pay back ...

Ah! Revenge! A lawyer understands that!


No, I haven't been tagged with this one and I'm not sure if I have the appropriate material ... but I'll see.
This stinks of someone trying to set up a law suite (sweet? suet? Damn spell checker is useless on homonyms)

I really do not think this guy's kid is old enough to be that stupid.

A law suite would be offices where lawyers hang out. A law suit is either a high corporate executive who happens to be an attorney or the proceding in a court by which a plaintiff seeks relief.

I really do not think this guy's kid is old enough to be that stupid.

Remember, maybe a decade ago, the kids who got tossed from school (among much stink) for standing outside every morning screaming at all the other kids how they and their parents would be going to hell and such? If you start early, you can turn them just as stoopid as you are with a little work.
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