Thursday, December 13, 2007


That's a Spade!

Mac Johnson had better hurry while there is something left of Michael Egnor other than a greasy spot on the canvas. Wayne Adkins at American Chronicle has weighed in nicely with "The Discovery Institute and More Intelligent Deception." The best part:

Michael Egnor says "Intelligent Design and creationism are not the same, and one is not derivative of the other." He wants us to believe it is pure coincidence that the leading proponents of ID are part of an organization whose stated goal [in the Wedge Document] is replacing "materialistic explanations with the theistic understanding that nature and human beings are created by God." If you contradict yourself and say on the one hand that your goal is to defend the doctrine of creation and promote belief in God and say on the other hand that you are not a creationist and that Intelligent Design is not derived from creationism, you have integrity issues. You are being dishonest with others and with yourself. Mac Johnson doesn't owe the Discovery Institute an apology for calling them on it. The Discovery Institute owes everyone else an apology for the campaign of deliberate deceit. If you really do want to be men of honesty and integrity, the way Webster's defines them, just stop it. Stop the lies.
Not only has Adkins properly identified a spade as a spade, but noted that it is the knave as well.

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