Monday, February 25, 2008


No Stone Unturned

A thought:

Ben Stein is not giving people the opportunity to win his money these days [Re: TV series "Win Ben Stein's Money" Aired 1997-2002]. Instead, he is making a documentary designed to spread ignorance and false information about intelligent design theory to the public. He is trying to convince viewers that intelligent design is a suppressed theory because scientists, especially evolutionary biologists, are atheists with some sort of agenda. ...

The attack actually comes from the creationists, in their attempt to inject religious doctrine into a scientific discipline without any evidence. Since creationists do not provide a verifiable model of creationism, it cannot be accepted as science.

He continues, "I've been on a mission in terms of trying to get people to think more about the role of God in their lives for a while."

And there you have it folks. It turns out Stein is not interested in conducting pure research in order to find out scientific truth "wherever it may lead". Stein is only interested in answers that lead him to a deity. Since science cannot provide these answers, he accuses it of being biased.....

Creationists are angry at evolution, because it does not conform to the answers they expect or want. ...

- Zachary Kurtz, "Expel Ben Stein," The Statesman, the paper of Stony Brook University, February 25, 2008
[And the best thing is that the University is where Dr. Michael Egnor teaches.]

Thanks for the plug (sorry I didn't see it until now).

Rest assured, the evolution department at Stony Brook is pretty decent, and none of us are thrilled at Dr. Engor's presence here.
Any department with Douglas Futuyma and Massimo Pigliucci ought to get a bit higher rating than "pretty decent" and I don't think anyone associates it with the highly skilled meat cutter across campus.
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