Wednesday, March 12, 2008



Well, the cat's out of the bag ... just in time to catch a certain rat ... I hope.

Casey Luskin is admitting what everyone knew all along: the ''academic freedom'' legislation being pushed by conservative lawmakers in Florida and around the country is intended to permit the teaching of Intelligent Design Creationism.

So does Intelligent Design constitute scientific information?

''In my personal opinion, I think it does. But the intent of this bill is not to settle that question,'' said Luskin. 'The intent of this bill is... it protects the `teaching of scientific information.' It's not trying to inject itself into the debate over Intelligent Design.'' ...
Well, if this piece of legerdemain manages to get passed into law, it might be injected into a quite prominent place in the debate. Howard Simon, a Florida director for the ACLU, said:

''The strategy is this: Let's call Intelligent Design scientific information, and let's make sure that teachers can teach that scientific information,'' Simon said, adding that his organization would sue if the bill became law and teachers began proselytizing in class.
Do you think we could get Bill Dembski on the stand this time?

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