Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Singing Praises

In the little corner of the blogosphere I haunt it is easy enough to find recitals of the bad things done by religions and their adherents. That's why it is only fair to take note of some of the good things we run across, like this: "Canadian church magazine is first to sponsor Darwin exhibit."

And here is a part of the statement from the magazine's publisher:

The United Church Observer, the independent magazine affiliated with The United Church of Canada [a union of Methodist, Congregationalist and Presbyterian churches], is proud to announce it has become a sponsor of "Darwin: The Evolution Revolution," a travelling exhibition focusing on the life and work of Charles Darwin currently on display at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

"We were dismayed to learn that the exhibit had been unable to secure corporate sponsorship in Toronto or in any of the other North American cities where it has been mounted," said Editor/Publisher David Wilson. "Our support is modest but symbolic. If a small church-based operation such as The Observer doesn't fear a backlash from those who oppose Darwin's theory of evolution, then secular corporate entities with much greater resources shouldn't fear it either." ...

"There is nothing in the exhibit that threatens or diminishes religion or people of faith in any way," Mr. Wilson said. "If anything, it shines a light on the inherent beauty and wonder of a creation that is constantly and eternally evolving." ...

"Frankly, I'm alarmed by the apparent creationist chill that has greeted the Darwin exhibit wherever it has been mounted," said Mr. Wilson. "This magazine has reported on the evolutionary wars in the U.S., and if there's one thing we've learned, it's that the politics of creationism and intelligent design are more bark than bite — and the bark is only as loud as people's fear of it. The Darwin exhibit deserves support, and we're not afraid to say so."
Well said! Well done!

Good old United Church of Canada -- I have fond memories of the place, as a place where a refugee from fundamentalism like me could decompress and spend a few years thinking things through, without interference. The fact that I thought my way clear out the back door into atheism, well that's another story....

BTW: did you add the [Methodist] tag? The UCC is in fact a union of Methodist and Presbyterian groups that ocurred in 1925. Before that, the publication had a different name.
History here:
BTW: did you add the [Methodist] tag? The UCC is in fact a union of Methodist and Presbyterian groups that ocurred in 1925.

I did because one of the pages I looked at mentioned Methodism but I saw no mention of Presbyterianism. I'll make the correction. Thanks!
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