Wednesday, March 05, 2008



Good news out of the primaries!

No, I don't mean that Clinton - Huckabee - McCain - Obama stuff ... how boring!

It is the primaries for the Texas Board of Education I'm excited about! As I reported a while back, two incumbents, Mary Helen Berlanga, a Democrat, and Pat Hardy, a Republican, are generally in opposition to the far-right faction on the board, led by the creationist Gov. Rick Perry appointed chairman of the board, Don McLeroy. While neither of the incumbents are exactly liberals, their opponents would be much worse.

And the good news is that both incumbents won last night. Hardy is unopposed in November, so the only one we will need to help then is Berlanga. At least the odds of the board being entirely in the hands of the Kool-Aid drinkers just went down several notches.

That is very good news.
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