Friday, April 18, 2008


At Home in the Kennel

I pointed out earlier the inference drawn by Sean P. Means, the movie critic for The Salt Lake Tribune, about Expelled, namely:

Every semi-knowledgeable moviegoer and reader of movie criticism knows what the words "not screened for critics" means: The movie is a dog.
But Mr. Means, being a professional, reserved judgment until he actually saw the movie. Well, he has seen it now:

And, lo, there appeared "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed," a slick but intellectually dishonest documentary that mounts an argument for so-called "intelligent design."
The bottom line:

Oddly enough, the tactics employed in "Expelled" undercut the movie's argument, most notably in the interviews with Dawkins and Myers and in Stein's trip to Darwin's British home (now a museum). Either the filmmakers suckered these participants under false pretenses, or the evolutionists are more open to debate than Stein suggests. Perhaps the intelligent-design proponents know that in a truly open debate, their argument isn't fit enough to survive.
But it will play "fetch" ...

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