Thursday, April 03, 2008


Boca Raton Bobbie

What's not to like about an article that calls Florida State Sen. Ronda Storms, one of the perpetrators of the local version of the Discovery Institute's "Academic Freedom" act, "Tammy Faye Bakker Only Without The Sense Of Whimsy" and "a repeating sound loop of denials that made Baghdad Bob look like Winston Churchill"?

That's Daniel Ruth's take on Ms. Storms in his article, "Her 'Academic Freedom'? Not Free, Just Dumb," in the Tampa Tribune.

But the bottom line is serious enough:

By the twisted logic of Storms' "Academic Freedom Act," what is to prevent teachers from telling students - because they feel like it - the Holocaust never happened, or that the 1969 moon landing was nothing more than a Hollywood sound stage hoax, or that Barack Obama is a Muslim?

That's not "Academic Freedom." It's sanctioning intellectually dishonest scholastic anarchy.
As far as Ms. Storms is concerned, what's a little anarchy among friends?

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