Wednesday, April 23, 2008


... But It's All About the Science!

William Dembski, Florida Baptist Witness, April 24, 2008:

Controversy surrounds [Expelled]. Reviews tend to be extremely positive or extremely negative. Who likes it? People who think God may have had something to do with our being here and therefore find it reasonable that God may have left tangible evidence of His involvement in creation. Who hates it? A science, education and media elite who prefer that God had nothing to do with it and think that nature must do all its own creating.

Now just how is Dembski proposing to scientifically test his hypothesis that God left tangible evidence? How is anything he says any different from apologetics?

And of course the false dichotomy erected by Dembski is aided by the fact that productive religious scientists were not interviewed, which the producers claimed would "confuse the film unnecessarily". The movie is a lot like Dembski's "explanatory filter" in this regard. It works great as you don't allow a bunch of alien facts to upset your predetermined conclusion.
I suppose one, not too incredible, explanation is that Dembski and his target audience, think that people like Ken Miller and Francis Collins are atheists, since they don't believe what they do.
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