Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Casting Call

Hey, PZ! Here's another chance to break into Hollywood!

Michael Barton at The Dispersal of Darwin has discovered there is another movie is in the works that's looking to interview historians and scientists for a documentary about the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth and 150th anniversary of The Origin of Species.

I'm sure PZ would be comfortable with this lot:

Our staff scientists have been joined by a team of industry professionals to transform the project from paper into a one-hour documentary. ...

Our director, scriptwriter, production consultant, director of photography and film editor all have international broadcast experience. The script for the project is already nearing completion ... Our scriptwriter has the experience needed to weave the scientific and historical facts into an intriguing story.
Maybe everybody can go to their site and give them all the encouragement they deserve!

They're spending only eight weeks and $500k making this flick? I'm expecting something pretty amateurish.
Really? And here I thought Answers in Genesis' disowned stepchild was going to produce a [cough] miracle with that half-a-mil (a little more than half of which has been offset by donations) and and produce something Cecil B. would have been proud of.


What I dread is that they're threatening to do "dramatic recreations" of events in Darwin's life. Would someone sterilize the knitting needles so I can jab them in my eyes, please?
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