Friday, April 04, 2008


Facing Up to Science ... Twice

Now this is interesting.

PZ Myers has a post up about one David Brackin, who is a member of something called "Christian Educators Association International." He has a post up at, stating that he is "allied with The Florida Policy Council ... a state based pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage educational advocacy group that is associated with Dr. James Dobson and Focus on the Family." Together they are "trying to change the new Florida State Department of Education Science Standards."

There are no provisions included in the standards that will allow for the critical analysis of the theory of evolutions (sic). Thus many of us that object to the "science" used to present evolution as a fact have no recourse but to teach the lie of evolution as though it is a proven fact. [Emphasis added]
But this is apparently the same David Brakin who, just a few days ago was saying:

I don't want to say evolution is fact. I don't want to say intelligent design is a fact. I want my kids to question.

Furthermore, that was at the same time that Florida State Senator Ronda Storms, sponsor of the newly renamed "Evolution Academic Freedom Act," was saying that the law wasn't about religion, it was about the right to "objectively present scientific information" about biology. So why is Brackin, allied with a Christian group, soliciting a Christian group for stories about how teachers feel threatened for objectively presenting scientific information?

How much questioning are Brakin's students going to do after he calls evolution a lie? Even if he manages to avoid calling mainstream biology a lie in front of the children, how can he objectively present scientific information about the science of evolution when he thinks it is a lie? Most importantly, how could anyone think this is anything but an attempt to inject Brackin's narrow Christian beliefs into his classroom?

Wasn't there some book somewhere that said something about presenting yourself one way in front of one audience and a different way in front of another?

I don't want to say evolution is fact. I don't want to say intelligent design is a fact.

Very probably true. Most likely, what he does want to say is "Evilution is a deadly sin and Darwin worshipers want to bring on more holocausts. Creationism is the godly belief that we must be teaching our children in State schools that ought to be turned over to Church control." But he knows that wouldn't go over well with the legal experts.
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