Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Gifts from Above

Troy Britain at Playing Chess with Pigeons has an excellent two part post demonstrating how Intelligent Design Creationism is really just warmed-over "Creation Science," with all the same old tired "arguments" against evolution. Troy compares the "Leadership Guide" (a fairly large pdf file) offered at the official Expelled site, to statements by such stalwarts of "Creation Science" as Henry Morris, Duane Gish and Gary Parker. Notably, the Leadership Guide cites heavily to Discovery Institute fellows and other ID supporters.

Not surprisingly, the Leadership Guide is recommending that teachers use the Discovery Institute's own untextbook, Explore Evolution, in class, presumably after being "immunized" by the Discovery Institute's oxymoronic "academic freedom" laws pending in a number of states. Do you suppose that Explore Evolution would be claimed to be "germane current facts, data, and peer-reviewed research specific to the topic of chemical and biological evolution" that would be allowed in Florida classrooms if the state senate's version of the bill is enacted?

You have to give creationists credit, though. They never give up ... no matter how much dishonesty it takes.

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