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So, Expelled is tanking (so far) at the box office and, as Tyler DiPietro pointed out in a comment, Wild Bill Dembski is already looking for excuses. Apparently, a comment here and there by "Darwinists" about going to multiplex theaters and paying for another movie and then slipping into Expunged is grounds enough for the "Isaac Newton of information theory" to conclude that the take on the film would be up there with Raiders of the Lost Ark if it wasn't for those sneaky evilutionists.

Now, I don't condone the tactic, as it is a form of stealing from the producers of the movie, if not from the theater owners, but if we look at those numbers the producers were hoping for -- 2 million tickets sold earning $12-15 million in the first weekend -- versus the estimated gross of around $3 million, it'd take a whole lotta correction for unpaid "Darwinist" attendance to even begin to make a dent in the shortfall. If that much sneakin' around was happening, you'd think the theater owners would notice ... unless, of course, they're in on the conspiracy too!

The comment to Dembski's post by "Gods iPod," that "Darwinist's" "dishonesty knows no bounds," deserves a special place in the Irony Hall of Fame, given that it is directed to the man who was filling out his paid lectures with XVIVO's video without permission or payment of royalties. Not to mention the way the movie's interviews with scientists were obtained and the whole dishonest business of trying to blame the Holocaust on Darwin.

Based on past experience, the excuses for failures by IDeologists in general, and the movie's producers in particular, get sillier over time. If the pattern holds, we are in for some amusing times.

BTW does anyone know what happened to the XVIVO lawsuit? Did expelled change their film before release or did they go ahead with the stolen video segment?
The film has just opened locally and I have to admit that I was tempted to sneak in. But then I thought, if I'm going to do something illegal I'd rather do it for a movie I actually wanted to see.
Did expelled change their film before release or did they go ahead with the stolen video segment?

As I understand it, they were, early on, showing the actual XVIVO in clips on their site, then switched to the obviously copied version for their free screenings, but substituted a cheesy animation, thrown together in haste, for the theatrical release. If, as Dembski has claimed, showing the XVIVO version and knock-off was intended to cause "controvery" to hype the movie, it further belies their claim that "Darwinists" are the ones being dishonest and the box office numbers show how bad at calculation they are.
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