Monday, April 28, 2008


Signs of Intelligence

It seems that IDeologists may not all be lacking in the essential ingredient for their "theory":

The [Florida] House's insistence on language [in the so-called "academic freedom" legislation] the Senate already has rejected left John West, the [Discovery Institute's] associate director, perplexed.

"It makes me wonder whether some of the people who are for it are actually trying to scuttle it," West said. He's worried because the legislative session is set to end Friday. If the two chambers cannot resolve their differences in the remaining four days, the bill will die.

I've been saying this for a while. The reason seems obvious. The other face of the Republican Party's two-headed monster -- business interests (which is the one with the lifeblood of politics, money) -- is more interested in attracting biomedical and other technology industries to Florida than it is in pandering to the fragile faith of those who can't abide science.

While I may still turn out to be wrong, this has all the signs of an attempt by the legislators who are nominally in favor of the law to kill the proposal without looking like they are doing so.

Anyway, go on over to Florida Citizens for Science for more on today's events.

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