Monday, May 19, 2008


Good News ... Maybe

Acccording to the sponsor of the South Carolina untruth-in-advertising "academic freedom" bill, Sen. Mike Fair (another misnomer), it has no chance of passage this year.

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure his lips were moving when he said that.

They certainly were when he said this:

The Republican told The Greenville News the bill would not advocate teaching any point of view. Fair says children at being "spoon-fed" theories as facts.
According to Fair, since the legislature is scheduled to adjourn for the year June 5, there is no time for the bill to pass this year. That this is a ruse to lull the opposition to sleep is not outside the realm of possibility. However, if true, it is good news because, by next year, there will hopefully be much more than evolution on the political front for the Righteous Right to be excised about that will keep them busy.

This part of the article was nice to see:

Education Department spokesman Jim Foster says the bill is unnecessary. Foster says teachers already are free to discuss science. He says the bill would only be needed if it was designed to introduce material that is not scientific.
How refreshing to have a government official telling the unvarnished truth.

Kudos to Mr. Foster for seeing through the crap and calling it as he saw it.
I thought it showed a certain cojones.
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