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Mooning About

Ya know, maybe the Intelligent Design advocates have a point.

Maybe critically thinking human beings should at least be prepared to consider if there is any critical body of evidence for scenarios that establishment scientists, who are linked with a consortium of elites, call farfetched. We should listen when independent-minded scientists present evidence which does not find favor with "big science." We can't be stifling academic freedom now, can we?

Alex Collier, a deemed contactee of ethical Extraterrestrial races, alleges that human free will on Earth is being systematically undermined by 'regressive' Manipulative Extraterrestrials operating on Earth. LINK. He further claims that ethical Extraterrestrials that he has allegedly been in contact with, from the Andromeda Galaxy, that are sympathetic to Earthbound humans, would like to see 'regressive' aliens leave our planet Earth.

Elitist scientists may scoff but why shouldn't we use germane current facts, data, and peer-reviewed research specific to the topic of extraterrestrials to critically analyze the dogma of the academic establishment?

[I]ndependent-minded scientists, present evidence which suggest that the moon is an artificially orbiting phenomenon, that was created by extraterrestrial intelligent engineering and design. Some researchers also believe that there are a couple of other moons in our solar system which have an orbit and properties that are consistent with intelligent design.

The moons around Mars, for example, have been represented as being artificial. In "Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon", Donald K. Wilson in 1975 cited that in 1959 eminent scientist Professor Iosif Shklovsky put forth his findings in relation to the "moons" circling Mars: "After carefully weighing up the evidence he concludes that they are both hollow."

If these independent scientists are correct about Earth's moon, then ... it is plausible that whatever alleged intelligent designers are responsible for the Moon, would have sought some kind of presence on Earth. Otherwise, such entities would not have gone through the process of designing such an orbiting "artificial moon".

Independent scientists portray a variety of evidence, that the moon is artificial. This includes evidence that the moon is hollow. Secondly, the moon's orbits around the earth in a circular manner, is consistent with human-made satellites that orbit the earth, in contrast with the elliptical orbit of the Earth around the sun. If the moon was a natural phenomenon, one would expect an elliptical rather than an atypical circular orbit.

The moon also orbits around the Earth in a synchronous manner, in which the same side always faces the earth, furthermore consistent with "intelligent design". Indeed, any Extraterrestrials that would seek to create the moon as some kind of clandestine orbiting satellite, would either be seeking to spy on humanity, or to as Alex Collier also suggests, would seek to use the moon as a basis of operation to interfere and undermine human self-determination.

If we pass laws to protect the academic freedom of those who see design in biology, why not laws to protect those who see design in our solar system? We should insist that every high school science curriculum allows teachers to present scientific information in favor of the alternative theory of Ethical Extraterrestrialism. All universities should have a Department of Critical Thinking, where Intelligent Design, UFOlogy, Crystallology, Dowsing, Perpetual Motion and, lest we forget, Time Cubism, can be gathered together as a bulwark against dogmatic academics!

Of course, the IDeologists and the Ethical Extraterrestrialists might have some disputes:

Notably, John Lash in, referred to a saviour-complex in our prevailing organized religions, as being specifically instigated by Manipulative Extraterrestrials to disempower humanity.

But, hey! That's what academic freedom is all about!

Forget extra-terrestrials! We were taken over by cats some time back, we just haven't realized it yet.
As a victim myself, I would like to see more attention paid to Catology in our universities.
"Independent-minded scientists, present evidence which suggest that the moon is an artificially orbiting phenomenon..."

The following text is taken from the new 7-book series on origins, The Quest for Right:

"The council’s sketch, a vagabond moon being captured by the earth’s gravitational tether, is simplistic in the extreme. The exhibit, however, is not without some irony; for the moon’s orbital gyrations are among the most complex in astronomy. It is a fact that not one mathematician has ever been able to account its great complexity. Yet, astronomers charge the moon’s complex orbital maneuvers to a mere chance event.

A full account of the moon’s orbit would have to take into consideration both the earth’s and sun’s gravitational attraction, and, to a lesser extent, the tidal forces exerted by Mars. These considerations are complicated by the elliptical path of the earth which changes the earth’s distance from the sun throughout the year. Concurrently, the moon also travels in an elliptical path; from space, the moon appears to weave back and forth across the orbital path of the earth as it journeys around the sun. And, as the moon positions itself between the sun and earth, the sun’s gravitational attraction is greater than when the moon is positioned on the far side of the earth.

The irony arising from the capture theory is exampled by one of the many problems facing professional astronomers: the inability to determine the precise geographic location and time that the first sliver of light from a crescent moon will appear. On August 21, 1990, the U.S. Naval Observatory enlisted the aid of the citizenry throughout the United States of America to watch the western horizon and note the time that the crescent first appeared. The skywatchers were urged to send their findings to the observatory in hopes that astronomers may one day be able to predict with some reliability the rising of the young crescent moon.

The aforementioned concepts: the fission, binary accretion, precipitation, and capture theories, are impotent in explaining the moon’s accretion and orbital gyrations. The only exception is the independent accretion clause in the capture theory. The problematic promotions must yield to the many so-called coincidences inherent to regulatory phenomena; for example, the 400/400 ratio of the moon/sun apparent diameter/distance.
The moon, contrary to the “sponsored chaos” entertained in this chapter, accreted in size 400 times smaller than the sun; and by some inexplicable circumstance; that is, if supernatural intervention is rejected, its orbital distance is 400 times closer to the earth than the sun. The quite remarkable attribute—referred to as purely coincidental—leaves the impression that the moon’s apparent diameter is equal to that of the sun. Collectively, the much smaller moon and the immensely larger sun appear to be of the same size as viewed from earth. The fascinating 400/400 ratio affords the spectacular sensorial eclipses which occur when a new moon transits the sun. If the moon was somewhat farther away or the sun closer, a total eclipse would never occur. Diversely, if the moon were a bit closer or the sun farther away, eclipses would be quite the norm."
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