Monday, May 05, 2008


Music to My Ears

And the recriminations keep coming:

"People pushing this legislation are pushing it on the merits, not to demonstrate we still have muscle," said James A. Smith, the executive editor of the Florida Baptist Witness, who watched the debates in the Legislature last week. "We passionately believe in protecting unborn children and we passionately believe that evolutionary dogma shouldn't reign in our schools." ...

Smith said that moderate Republicans -- dubbed RINOs, for "Republican in Name Only" -- who voted against the abortion and evolution bills would have to be defeated by social conservatives to win future legislative battles.

"Until one of these RINO Republicans gets taken out, there's not going to be much reason from them to believe there's any accountability to be feared for voting against religious conservatives," Smith said. "Whether or not religious conservatives are not as influential as they were once believed to be kind of remains to be seen."

Once again we see what the real object of the anti-evolution vote was -- to support conservative religious beliefs, not "academic freedom" or "critical thinking" or any of the other excuses offered for the bills.

The good news is that this is precisely the kind of litmus test of lunacy that the Righteous Right began applying to Republican politicians in Kansas, with the result that many moderate politicians and enough moderate voters bolted the party, giving the Democrats a stunning turnaround in the state.

Strike up the band!

Via Florida Citizens for Science.

It's at this point that one feels a transient pity for the Republicon party.... okay, over it.

That long? You're awfully compassionate!
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